Preparation in Advance:

1. Devices you should prepare: - Google Home Devices: Mini, Home, Max.

- LifeSmart Gateway: Smart Station or Mini Smart Station.

Remind: Smart Station can be useful with other LifeSmart devices, like sensors , lightings etc. More info please check

SPOT has Lighting & IR Blaster functions. Google support Air Conditioning control module. If you want to control other IR electrical appliances with Google Assistant, like TV, please create smart scene of SPOT in advance)
-Smart Phones: Android or iOS Phone


2. Software you should get:
- Google Home:Download & install Alexa App,
iOS(iPhone,iPad):Apple App Store
Android (Android Phone,Android Pad):Google Play or Amazon App Store

- LifeSmart:
Download & Install LifeSmart iOS(iPhone、iPad):Go to Apple App Store
Android(Android Phone、Android Pad): Go to Google Play or Amazon App Store

3. Follow the procedure to register and add devices in each Software.

Please configure LifeSmart Devices in advance.

Connect Your LifeSmart System to Google assistant device
1. Configuring Your devices

2. Link to your Google Account

3. Click Home Control

4. Click Add Button

5. Scroll down on this page and click LifeSmart SmartHome

6. Login with your LiftSmart ID/Email and Password

7. After your click : device search button and you can see devices under LifeSmart SmartHome